3 Things You Can Do To Get More Sales on Snoozled

Hello. My name is Jay, I’ve been selling used underwear since the site first launched just over a year ago. Since then I’ve made over $1,000 in sales. I often get other sellers ask me if I have any advice or tips for selling, so that’s why I decided to write this blog post and share my experience to help others, and hopefully make the site an even better place to buy and sell used gear!

1. Pimp out your Snoozled shop

The first thing you need to do is make sure your shop looks good, otherwise you’ve failed at the first hurdle and no-one will be interested.

I made sure I had decent, high-quality photos of me and all my items – on their own as well as being worn or used. Sometimes I got a buddy to help take the photos, especially if I wanted the pics from a certain angle. I also wrote accurate and appealing descriptions, which is important as not only do buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting and from who; but they want to feel excited and aroused about it too. It takes a little more time to do this, but it sets your shop aside from the others and makes it seem more interesting and legitimate.

I also listed a range of items for sale, all at different price points, which made sure I reached a wide audience and increased the chances of securing a sale. All of this extra work eventually paid off, and I had buyers complimenting me with every order, and even recommending me to other buyers.

2. Promote your Snoozled shop online

I’m not going to lie, it takes time for your shop to get noticed and to start receiving orders on a regular basis. But there are a couple of ways I managed to expedite this process by optimizing my shop and items for Google’s search algorithm, and by promoting them on social media.

For example, I made sure the descriptions were packed with keywords people were searching for (either by guessing, looking at the forum or using some free online tools), which ensured the pages appeared higher up in search results.

I also shared individual links on social media, from Twitter to Tumblr and Instagram, using hashtags like #snoozled and #usedunderwear which helped me get seen and discovered by other fetish fans. Finding your target audience, or improving how they find you, is crucial to getting sales and making your shop a success.

3. Provide good customer service at all times

You can never underestimate the value of good customer service, especially when you’re dealing with buyers from all over the world who may or may not feel super confident or comfortable in what they’re doing.

I realized early on that the more I messaged buyers, the more they liked me and the more they bought from me. So, after every order, I would send them a note to say, ‘thank you’ and that I was working on preparing and sending the item. Not only did this reassure them that I was genuine, but it created a friendly relationship that encouraged them to come back, open up about what they wanted and buy more. Even when I shipped the item I would include a little note inside to say it was from me at Snoozled.

If there was ever a problem, like an item wasn’t quite what they were expecting or it didn’t turn up, I would find a way to resolve the issue myself or offer something else. As the saying goes, ‘the customer is always right’, and at the end of the day, I want my buyers to be happy so they spread the word about my shop and buy more. So if I lost a little money by doing a refund or sending something else, it was worth it.

Even though these three things may seem easy, obvious and straightforward, you’ll be surprised how many sellers don’t do them that well. So spend some time getting it right, because when you do you’ll see the results. It’s what took me from being an average seller to the most popular on Snoozled.

4. Reach out to the admins for support

The Snoozled admins are here to help – and want to help!

Just use the contact form (or message them on social media) and kindly let them know that you’re looking for a little extra promotion, and they’ll do their best to feature and link to your shop from the following locations:

5. Be creative

Snoozled is one of the most fun and open sites on the internet for people into used, dirty and worn items. So, be creative, open-minded and freaky, because it’s more than likely you’ll find someone into the same thing as you. Or, ask for ideas and say in your shop or item descriptions that you’ll be willing to customize however they buyer likes (just get them to message you). That way, buyers will feel more confident about approaching you and maybe even paying more for something they really, really want. Trust me, I’ve had some weird and wacky orders (including a used dildo…), and some buyers are willing to pay A LOT for that kinda stuff.

Good luck, and have fun 🙂