7 Simple Tips To Improve Your Shop on Snoozled

(updated 14th, May, 2019)

Hey Snoozlers,

We cum across awesome shops on Snoozled every day, but there’s always room for improvement! So we’ve pulled together seven simple tips to help you quickly improve your shop and get more horny guys buying and enjoying your gear…

1. Shop Name

This is the first thing buyers will see and remember, so make it a good one!

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

You can be as creative as you like, but it helps to include your profile name and describe some of the things for sale (e.g. “MaskedFun’s Used Undies Shop”), so buyers know what to expect and can easily search for you. This is also a great place to stand out, so unique and/or funny can also be attention grabbers.

2. Shop Photo

It’s not rocket science that buyers are more likely to make a purchase when they can actually see who they’re buying from. You don’t need to include a face pic,  but showing a picture of yourself wearing or using some of your items drives a lot more traffic than a pair of underwear laying on your bed.

This is also a good time to start supporting your background story. If you say you’re a hairy jock, well, let’s see that hairy chest and you in some gym shorts. Or if you’re a skinny twink, don’t take a close up of your crotch, take a step back and show off that twink body.

3. Shop Description

Like with your shop photo, use this feature to give the buyer a bit more information about who they’re buying from, and what’s for sale. You can tell them about the following:

  • Your age?
  • What you do? (e.g. student, professional)
  • Where you’re from? (e.g. city, country, languages)
  • What you look like? (e.g. body type, hair color, dick size etc.)
  • What kind of things you’re selling? (e.g. used underwear, x-rated vids)
  • What kind of things you enjoy doing? (e.g. live cam shows, taking orders)
  • Ways you are open to customizing items? (how long you’ll wear it, or number of cum shots)

You can also let them know if you’re willing to take special requests, and if you have any fetishes, unusual kinks or deep, dark fantasies – come on, we all do!

The description is great for painting a sexy picture for the buyer. Remember, this is about making them interested, which means writing more than two sentences and writing about more than how broke you are.

Finally if you’re on social media, you can add links to your social media accounts on your profile page so buyers can follow you on Twitter, see your latest pics on Instagram and get regular updates from Tumbler. Don’t forget to link back to your shop on Snoozled, and let them know what you’ve recently added. Side note: if you’d like to change the shop name at the end of your personal URL (https://www.snoozled.com/shop/[shop name]) just contact us and we can easily change that for you.

4. Item Name

Be descriptive in as few words as possible.

Snoozled Used Underwear

You want to grab the buyer’s attention and instantly get their cocks hard (e.g. Large, White, Cum-Soaked CK Briefs). You can always use the item description to go into more detail. Here are a few things to consider adding:

  • Size (e.g. Small, Medium, Large or S/M/L/XL/XXL)
  • Style (e.g. Briefs, Boxers, Jockstrap, Buttoned)
  • Brand (e.g. Calvin Klein, Andrew Christian, 2xist)
  • Color (e.g. White, Black, Red, Stripy)
  • Material (e.g. Silk, Leather, Mesh, Metal)
  • Condition (e.g. Worn, Dirty, Used, New, Stained, Sweaty)

 5. Item Photos

Show your items in action!

Buyers will get more turned on seeing the gear on you, rather than on a white background or your bedroom floor. You don’t necessarily have to show your dick or ass, as you can leave that up to the buyer’s imagination – or put a private video up for sale.

And, don’t forget! You can also upload additional photos, so think about other angles you can show the item from, or different situations in which they can be used and abused. Again, it’s pretty obvious but the higher quality the pic the better.

6. Shop Policy

This one’s simple.

Just make sure if there’s anything you’re willing or not willing to do that you state it clearly in your shop policy. That way we all avoid any drama! For instance, if you don’t ship internationally, then this is a good place to list that.

7. Messages

Last but not least, the most important tip of them all… respond to people!

Snoozled Messages

The more you communicate with buyers the more they’ll get to like you and want your gear. It helps them know that you’re legit, and that the stuff you’re selling is for real. If they trust you, they’ll buy from you again and again. You can also have some fun and ask them if they have any special requests. The hornier they feel, the more likely that they’ll click buy and you’ll both get a happy ending.

To update your profile, head over to ‘My Account‘. 


Where can I buy / sell used underwear, socks and even used condoms?

You can buy and/or sell used men’s underwear, condoms and socks on www.SNOOZLED.com

We’ve seen this question come up a lot, so we wanted to answer it here in our Snoozled blog, and give you a more detailed answer.

There are many sites out there to buy and sell women’s used panties and clothes, like PantyDeal, but they are exclusively for women. They also have a very different business model than Snoozled, where they don’t get involved in the transaction, they just put the two parties in touch.

Enter Snoozled. While we aren’t the first site to target used underwear for men, we do have the most unique business model. Unlike most other sites, we do get into the middle of the transaction. This allows us to add security around the buying process so it’s not so scary buying from an anonymous stranger. If you don’t get your item we’ll give you a refund!

So who is selling:

  • Gay Guys
  • Straight Guys
  • College Students
  • Athletes / Bodybuilders
  • Daddies / Twinks / Bears / Jocks

What are some of the items a user can buy / sell on Snoozled:

  • Used / Dirty / Worn / New Underwear (Briefs, Boxers, Jockstraps, Thongs, Trunks, Speedos)
  • Used / Dirty / Sweaty / Worn / New Socks (Football, Gym, Sports, Ankle)
  • Used / Sweaty / New Shoes (Sneakers, Trainers, Work, Boots)
  • Used Condoms / Filled Condoms
  • Bottles of Cum / Cum Rags
  • Photos (Dick, Cock, Ass, Hole, Cum, Body, Muscles, Feet, Soles)
  • Videos (Jerk Off, Wanking, Cumming, Fucking, Sucking, Fingering, Pissing)
  • Live Chat / Live Web Cam Show / Skype Show / Snapchat
  • Gym Gear / Gym Kit / Work Out Gear
  • Football / Soccer Gear & Kit
  • Men’s Clothes (Shorts, T-Shirts, Vests, Singlets, Trousers, Pants, Jeans)
  • Bondage / Fetish / Kink / BDSM Gear (Rubber, Leather, Neoprene, Latex)
  • Sex Toys (Dildos / Butt Plugs / Cock Molds / Anal Beads, Cock Rings)
  • Fleshjacks / Fleshlights
  • Bath Sheets / Towels / Bed Sheets
  • Gloves
  • Harness
  • Bottles of Piss

That’s just a sample of the items For Sale, we encourage our sellers to be as creative as their buyers require!

View Our Seller’s Items

View Our Seller’s Shops


3 Things You Can Do To Get More Sales on Snoozled

Hello. My name is Jay, I’ve been selling used underwear since the site first launched just over a year ago. Since then I’ve made over $1,000 in sales. I often get other sellers ask me if I have any advice or tips for selling, so that’s why I decided to write this blog post and share my experience to help others, and hopefully make the site an even better place to buy and sell used gear!

1. Pimp out your Snoozled shop

The first thing you need to do is make sure your shop looks good, otherwise you’ve failed at the first hurdle and no-one will be interested.

I made sure I had decent, high-quality photos of me and all my items – on their own as well as being worn or used. Sometimes I got a buddy to help take the photos, especially if I wanted the pics from a certain angle. I also wrote accurate and appealing descriptions, which is important as not only do buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting and from who; but they want to feel excited and aroused about it too. It takes a little more time to do this, but it sets your shop aside from the others and makes it seem more interesting and legitimate.

I also listed a range of items for sale, all at different price points, which made sure I reached a wide audience and increased the chances of securing a sale. All of this extra work eventually paid off, and I had buyers complimenting me with every order, and even recommending me to other buyers.

2. Promote your Snoozled shop online

I’m not going to lie, it takes time for your shop to get noticed and to start receiving orders on a regular basis. But there are a couple of ways I managed to expedite this process by optimizing my shop and items for Google’s search algorithm, and by promoting them on social media.

For example, I made sure the descriptions were packed with keywords people were searching for (either by guessing, looking at the forum or using some free online tools), which ensured the pages appeared higher up in search results.

I also shared individual links on social media, from Twitter to Tumblr and Instagram, using hashtags like #snoozled and #usedunderwear which helped me get seen and discovered by other fetish fans. Finding your target audience, or improving how they find you, is crucial to getting sales and making your shop a success.

3. Provide good customer service at all times

You can never underestimate the value of good customer service, especially when you’re dealing with buyers from all over the world who may or may not feel super confident or comfortable in what they’re doing.

I realized early on that the more I messaged buyers, the more they liked me and the more they bought from me. So, after every order, I would send them a note to say, ‘thank you’ and that I was working on preparing and sending the item. Not only did this reassure them that I was genuine, but it created a friendly relationship that encouraged them to come back, open up about what they wanted and buy more. Even when I shipped the item I would include a little note inside to say it was from me at Snoozled.

If there was ever a problem, like an item wasn’t quite what they were expecting or it didn’t turn up, I would find a way to resolve the issue myself or offer something else. As the saying goes, ‘the customer is always right’, and at the end of the day, I want my buyers to be happy so they spread the word about my shop and buy more. So if I lost a little money by doing a refund or sending something else, it was worth it.

Even though these three things may seem easy, obvious and straightforward, you’ll be surprised how many sellers don’t do them that well. So spend some time getting it right, because when you do you’ll see the results. It’s what took me from being an average seller to the most popular on Snoozled.

4. Reach out to the admins for support

The Snoozled admins are here to help – and want to help!

Just use the contact form (or message them on social media) and kindly let them know that you’re looking for a little extra promotion, and they’ll do their best to feature and link to your shop from the following locations:

5. Be creative

Snoozled is one of the most fun and open sites on the internet for people into used, dirty and worn items. So, be creative, open-minded and freaky, because it’s more than likely you’ll find someone into the same thing as you. Or, ask for ideas and say in your shop or item descriptions that you’ll be willing to customize however they buyer likes (just get them to message you). That way, buyers will feel more confident about approaching you and maybe even paying more for something they really, really want. Trust me, I’ve had some weird and wacky orders (including a used dildo…), and some buyers are willing to pay A LOT for that kinda stuff.

Good luck, and have fun 🙂


Vote: Snoozled Nominated for Best New Gay Adult Site in Cybersocket Web Awards!

Christmas has come early for Snoozled…

We’ve been nominated for ‘Best Gay Adult Site‘ in the 18th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards! The category is for “gay adult sites launched during the last 12 months”, so we’re also up against some equally awesome newbies.

What is Cybersocket?

Cybersocket, the leader in LGBT online information offers a gay social network as well as the most current and update gay porn reviews.

What are the Cybersocket Web Awards?

Cybersocket Web Awards are internationally recognized awards for LGBT websites associated with the adult entertainment industry. Awards include the most notable adult entertainment personality, porn star and gay adult film. Winners are chosen using online voting by members of the public.

If you’d like to help us cum first by voting, we promise to make Snoozled an even hotter, dirtier and kinkier place to play. So take a couple of minutes and vote here!

We salute you.

Snoozled Cybersocket Web Awards Best Gay Adult Site Vote



5 Hottest Used Items For Sale on Snoozled Right Now!

We’ve handpicked five of the hottest used item categories on Snoozled.  You can find used condoms, used underwear, used socks, used sneakers and used sex toys from gay and straight men from all over the world. To see everything that’s for sale, head over to our items page


Used Filled Condom Snoozled

One of the most popular items on Snoozled, order a used and filled condom and enjoy playing, swallowing and ingesting another guy’s cum and man juice. Wether you shove it up your ass or down your thought, or use it as lube on your own cock, we’re sure it’ll taste good.

View all used condoms: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/condoms/




Used Men's Underwear for Sale on Snoozled

We have tons of used men’s underwear for sale on Snoozled. You can find almost every type and brand, from jockstraps to g-strings, boxer briefs, thongs and mesh undies. Almost all our sellers take requests, so you can have them personalized with piss, cum, pre-cum, spit and anything else that you like. They’ll even wear them for as long as you like, so they’re super musty and smelly.

View all used undies: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/undies/



Used Men's Socks For Sale on Snoozled

There are loads of guys into feet and socks (sox), so if you have that fetish then you’ll love what some of our guys are selling on Snoozled. Used ankle socks, gym socks, footy socks, work socks. Some guys will cum in them too. We know nothing’s better than the smell of a man’s sweaty, musky, cheesy feet and socks, so make sure you message the seller to ask them to wear them for extra long and work out in them!

View all used socks: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/socks/



Used Sneakers Shoes For Sale on Snoozled

Like with socks, sniffing a guy’s sneakers (or better yet, being forced to inhale the smell of his shoes) is one of the best feelings, and instantly gets your dick hard. Take a look at some of the used sneakers for sale on Snoozled, which come in all shapes, sizes and states. Enjoy smelling or wearing the same sneakers as another hot guy, and jerking off to the scent of his superior man feet.

View all used sneakers: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/sneakers/




Used Sex Toys Dildo Butt Plugs for Sale on Snoozled

Stick some of these used sex toys up your man cunt! You’ll find used dildos, used butt plugs, used fleshlights and more, which have also been inside another guy’s ass. Order them recently used and dirty for the best experience, and enjoy getting off knowing that you’re sharing the same toy as another twink or bear.

View all used sex toys: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/toys/


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UPDATE: We’re More Secure, Send Message Attachments and Add Social Links To Your Profile

Hey Snoozlers,

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes to the site, which should help improve things. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve done:

1. We’ve made the site more secure

We’ve switched from http:// to https:// in the URL, which means that our connection is now encrypted, so your profile and messages are more private, and your purchases are extra secure.

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

2. Attach pics and vids to your messages

For guys who might want to show an item being made, or discreetly share their face with another user, you can now add multiple photos or videos to a message. Give it a try!

You can also respond to a message via email and include attachments in that email.

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

3. Add social media links to your profile

If you’ve got a social media account that you always use, you can now add it to your profile. Log in, head over to your account, click ‘My Profile’ and then after the page loads ‘Links’ should appear underneath it. On this page you can put in your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They’ll then appear on your profile and shop page as a little icon so your admirers can follow you.

Snoozled Used Men's UnderwearSnoozled Used Men's Underwear








Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

Look out for @SnoozledSite on Twitter and Instagram, where we’re sharing photos and links to some of our hottest users and best shops! Don’t forget to tag us and use the #Snoozled hashtag in your post so we can find it, like it and reply :p

Jay and Luke,
Snoozled Admins


3 benefits of using the ‘digital item type’ on Snoozled

What’s new? You ask. Well we’ve been busy adding a new feature to the site. It allows users to select ‘digital’ as the ‘item type’ if they’re selling x-rated photos and videos (e.g. jerking off, stroking your cock, cumming on used underwear, playing with your ass, peeing in the bathroom). Here’s why you should use it…

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

1. It saves you time.

When a user buys one of your x-rated photos or dirty videos, it won’t run out of stock. We’ve taken that field away for digital items. So sit back and watch as multiple users start buying and downloading your very own amateur porn.

Go to your account and add a digital item now.

2. It makes completing orders quicker.

So you’ve made a hot video or taken some nude photos, now you can upload the raw, original, high-res files at the same time you add the item to your shop. They’ll instantly become available to download once the buyer has made a purchase. (You’ll need to create a zip folder for multiple files).

3. It saves you data and storage.

Once you’ve added the item to your Snoozled shop and uploaded the file, you’re done. You can delete the original photos and videos from your phone, tablet or computer. Saving you precious data and storage on your device to make more!

We’re constantly working hard to improve Snoozled, and make it easier for you to buy and sell used underwear, meet other like-minded men and enjoy each other’s fetishes. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments we’d love to know. Get in touch!

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5 top tips for selling your used underwear on Snoozled

You’ve just sold some used underwear on Snoozled – congrats! But when you send it how do you make sure it arrives smelling and feeling worn? At Snoozled, we have a lot of experience in this area. Here are a few hints and tips to help maximize the experience for the horny men buying your used gear…

1. Sleep in your underwear

Gay Boy Twinks Sleeping Naked Underwear Snoozled

It might sound obvious, but you sweat a lot at night while under the covers – especially if you’re horny and playing with yourself. So sleeping in your used undies can really make them smell much stronger. Do it for a couple of nights and you’ll drive your Snoozled admirer wild for more!


2. Leave the cum stain alone

Snoozled Cum Stain

The guy buying your underwear will probably want you to cum on them – several times. Who can blame him? It’s hot. So after you’ve jerked off try not to smudge the stain, just leave it alone. It will take a little longer to dry but the results are much better than if you try and spread it around.



3. Work out in your underwear

Snoozled Men Working Out Used Underwear

This is a quick way to make your used underwear instantly smell ripe and sweaty. The sweat from working out will rub off from your ass and cock onto the underwear, leaving a warm, sweaty, musky residue behind. The harder the work out, and the tighter the boxer briefs, the better.



4. Use a plastic zip bag

Snoozled Zip Bag Used Underwear Men

Before you’re about to ship the item, get your dick hard and give it one last tug so you cum all over the material. Try edging a bit first, so you build up as much spunk as possible. Then, put the item in a plastic zip bag and seal it shut. The airtight bag will help preserve the new cum stain and keep it wet and fresh for the buyer, which we guarantee you he’ll love.


5. Use your underwear as a cum rag

Snoozled Cum Rag Worn Used Men's Underwear

Whether it’s worn socks or used underwear, keep it beside your bed and each night after you jerk off just wipe your cock all over the item – the same goes for any pre-cum you might have too. The close proximity of the item will remind you to use it, and the loads will soon build up into a hot white mess. Yum!


Ready to add an item? Go to your account page now.

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5 reasons why you should buy and sell your used underwear on Snoozled

Okay. So there are lots of ways you can buy and sell used underwear online. But what makes doing it on Snoozled the best way? Other than it being free to join, here are five perfectly good reasons why…

1. Your private information is kept private

Snoozled used underwear

That’s right. When you register we only use this information to verify your account and contact you if there any questions. We do not sell or distribute your data to any third parties, except for the purposes of completing a transaction with PayPal. If you’re selling stuff, you can remain completely anonymous. If you’re buying stuff, you’ll only need to provide a postal address for where you want the item shipped.

For more information about this, read our Privacy Policy.

2. Your payments are safe and secure

Snoozled Used Underwear

Found something you like? When you purchase an item, like used boxers or worn socks, the money is first transferred to Snoozled, while the user does their business. There is a short “cooling off” period before we transfer the money to the seller (all of which is does via PayPal), this is to ensure you have the opportunity to receive your order and make sure you’re happy with it, which we’re sure you will be.

Got more questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

3. You can buy and sell in seconds

Used Underwear Boxers Snoozled

It’s quick and easy to use Snoozled. Just click register at the top, and create your profile. If you want to sell things, like used underwear, you’ll need to open a shop and list some items (don’t forget to set the shipping costs). If you want to buy something the only difficult bit is choosing who you want to buy from.

Opening a shop? Check out our seller’s guide

4. Snoozled is already used worldwide

Snoozled Used Underwear

We’ve had many users from all over the world buy and sell used underwear on Snoozled, including the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Canada and North America – and the feedback we get is great. So you can relax knowing that it’s a tried and tested system, and all you have to worry about is making money, or enjoying your purchases. We’re also constantly working hard to update the site and make it even easier and better to use, giving you the best possible experience!

View some of our users’ shops.

5. We’re here to help!

Snoozled Used Underwear

If anything goes wrong, we’re here to help! Not only can we help you get setup, we’ll also answer any questions you might have along the way. From time to time we’ll post hints and tips on our blog for making the most of your Snoozled shop, and we’ll also help you get noticed by horny people all around the world, whether that’s by featuring your shop on our homepage or our social media channels.

Need to get in touch? Use our contact form.

So there you have it, five perfectly good reasons to use Snoozled to buy and sell used underwear. Of course, you can do more than that. We have users selling all sorts of things, from sweaty socks to worn clothes, dirty photos and videos and more – most are willing to accept requests too. So if you have a particular fetish why not see if they’ll fulfill it for you…

Browse through some of the items for sale now!

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