COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Hello Snoozlers, we just wanted to share a bit of information with you in regards to our site and the current worldwide pandemic. We’re assuming you have an idea of what’s going on, if not, you’re spending way too much time in isolation! But on the plus side you’ll be well prepared for more isolation after getting up to speed on what’s happening by checking out the W.H.O. site!

How does this effect Snoozled? Well we hope this can be an outlet where people can spend some of their time while in isolation and try to bring a little joy to someone else’s life. Remember, many of our sellers also offer pics, vids and live video chats.

A few more important points we’d like to share:

  • Please respect that buyers and sellers may be effected by this crisis in different ways, so please be a little patient with each other.
  • There have been questions about mailing items. According to the W.H.O., mail should be ok to receive as the virus doesn’t live very long outside of the body.
W.H.O. adivce
  • Even with the note from the W.H.O., international and even national mail systems are probably running with significant delays. So before shipping, especially if you’re shipping internationally, we would recommend checking the website for your post office to see what restrictions they might have in place.

This virus is effecting everyone, so let’s stay positive, patient and supportive. And of course, please check the W.H.O, CDC or your respective government’s sites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.