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Your Guide to Setting Up Shop


So you’ve decided to become a seller on Snoozled, that’s great! It doesn’t matter where your admirers come from this is your chance to monetize your fun and hard work. Now all you need is a few minutes to get yourself setup and then you can be making money selling your items in no time.


STEP 1: Setup a User Account on Snoozled.

All users, whether buyers or sellers will have to create an account. This gives you a basic profile and access to other parts of the site, like the messaging center.


> Click on the Register Button in the top right and fill in the information.


STEP 2: Open a Shop

So this is the first step that separates you from a buyer, although you are still able to buy from other shops. For simplicity, you may want to use your online persona username if you have one, or at least make sure all your usernames and profile links are in the description box.


> Login and go to the My Account page.

> Create your shop. Click the bottom of the left hand menu that says My Shop.

> IMPORTANT NOTE: Add the Shop Image First. If you enter text and then add the image before saving the text, the information entered will be lost. Alternatively add your text, click save, then add your image.

> Choose a name. Probably your online persona, or just your first name.

> Enter a category. If you are a male choose the “Male Owner” and vice versa. This is so people browsing don’t have to look at items from people they aren’t interested in sexually.

> Fill in the Description. We’d recommend adding links to all your other accounts so people can find you and what you’ve done. Any additional information about things you like to do, things that turn you on and requests you’re happy to fulfil would also be good here. However we don’t recommend you list any personal information including email addresses.

> Fill in Shop Policy. If you leave this section blank it will be filled in with standard policies.  If you want to add specific policies for doing business with your shop feel free to add them here. Common things listed are where you are willing to ship to, if you accept returns and certain requests you won’t entertain. Below is the standard policy that will be entered if left blank.

“Thank you for shopping with me. Please note, I do not accept payments outside of Snoozled and I do not accept returns.

If you haven’t received your order within 7 days it being marked as completed and therefore shipped, please notify me right away.”

> Add Image. If you didn’t add the image in the first step, click on the blue arrow in the bottom left of the Shop Image. This will allow you to upload an image from your computer, phone or tablet. We recommend something that describes your shop, either a picture of you (ok if it’s the same are your profile pic) or a picture of the items that you might be selling.

> Proofread everything and click Save Changes!


STEP 3: Setup your Shipping Information

This is probably a different step than you are used to on many other sites, but we hope that in the long run this simplifies it for you and your buyers, and luckily you only need to do this once. This section is where you can add a price to ship items based on where the buyer lives.


> Click on My Account, then My Shop and then Shipping

> You will see the default Zone listed called “Rest of the World”. You will need to edit this with the shipping costs for Large, Medium and Small items.

> If you would like to add a different shipping cost for shipping in your own state, province, country or say just in Europe, you can do that by just clicking on “Add Zone” and filling in the form.  

> Click Save Changes!


STEP 4: Listing an Item

So this is the step where you can really differentiate yourself and really earn some money. Your fans watch you, maybe interact via voice or text and want to feel that they know you and your body intimately. Only issue is, all of their knowledge is still obtained from virtual sources, what would make this real for them is to touch or smell something that is actually yours.

This is why we recommend listening to your fans and providing what they want, even if you think it is something odd like your bed sheets. What we’ve seen work best is using the item in your videos or shows, or at least pointing them out. The more they see the item and you interacting with it, the more they will want it. You can also convince some clients by getting them to buy the item first, then letting them, and the public, watch you complete their requested act before sending it to them.

Items with good quality pictures, you in the picture and detailed descriptions usually do the best. You might also see some sellers wearing purple wrist bands. This is something we started to let potential buyers know instantly that you sell items on Snoozled, even if you aren’t currently advertising a link. Not to mention this helps proves photos are real and not a stock image or stolen image from another site.


> Add a new item. Go to My Account, My Shop, Items and then Add Item

> Add a main image. Click the little blue upload button located on the bottom of the main image in the upper left. Please note, we recommend doing this first, if you add text and then add this main image before saving your text will be lost.

> Fill in the descriptive details. All pretty self-explanatory. One helpful trick, use a generic name for the item, like briefs or panties or socks. Then set the stock for as many items as you have of it, this will generally be “1” for unique items. Once the item is sold it will appear out of stock, but the buyer can still leave a review. When you are ready to sell more of that item, just change the stock back to “1”. This saves you time from typing in the details over again and keeps the reviews. All you need to do is update the images.

> Proofread and then Save Changes.

> Add your next item!


STEP 5: Completing a Sale

So a buyer has done their part and bought your item, now what? You’ll get an email that has all of the details of what the buyer has purchased and where they would like it shipped to. Great service means fulfilling your side and trying to get it shipped as quickly as possible. If you have any questions you can use our messaging center to contact them and ask for any clarifying details. Once the item is ready, we of course recommend shipping the item as discretely as possible, get a proof of postage to their address and make sure you don’t add your address as the return address. If they require one just use the buyer’s address again. If you are shipping internationally make sure you include any local customs forms and usually the items would be described as gifts, clothes, etc.

Once the item has been shipped, you need to come back to Snoozled to mark the item complete, which means you’ve fulfilled you’ve shipped the item, sent the photos/videos or completed their private show. This will also transfer the money into your virtual account and start the clock on your cooling off period.


> Fulfil the order and ship if necessary

> Mark the order complete. Go to My Account, My Shop, Orders and click the Order in question

> Check Details and then click Completed at the bottom

> Check your new balance


STEP 6: Withdrawing your earnings

You’ve made sales and have earning but that won’t help you in the real world. On your My Earnings page you’ll see the total amount that you’ve sold (Total Revenue) and the Total Profit that you’ve made. The profit is your Total Revenue minus the processing fee that Snoozled takes to keep this site running. Your Total Profit and Current Balance will match initially. Once you’ve made your first withdrawal your balance will go down but Total Profit will continue to increase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a withdrawal is requested we will action it on the 15th of the month. This is assuming you have met your 14 day cooling off period. Why do we only process on the 15th? That is because each withdrawal is done manually through PayPal and we wouldn’t be able to promise them getting done in a timely manner if we couldn’t plan them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it sooner. If we can we will, if not, expect it on the 15th.


> Request a withdrawal. Go to My Account and then My Earning

> Choose how much you want to withdrawal. The minimum is $5. And enter your PayPal email address.

> Click Submit Request. Once your withdrawal is processed and completed you will receive an email informing you.


Still have questions

If you still have questions please email us at,, use the Contact Us page or send a message to admin in the messaging center.