UPDATE: New Order Process

Hello Snoozlers,

We have decided to improve the order process and hopefully make it easier and safer for both Buyers and Sellers. To accomplish this we have added in one more step that orders must pass through. This step is the new order status called “Shipping”.

Once the Seller marks an order as shipped, it will show up in the order list with the order status of “Shipping”. The buyer will receive an email notifying them that the order has been shipped, but the Seller won’t have received the money yet. At this point we wait, and hopefully the order will arrive to the Buyer in a few days.

If all goes well and the Buyer receives the item within the 14-day delivery period, the order will automatically change from “Shipping” to “Completed”, which will deposit the money into the Seller’s account balance. If for some reason the Seller doesn’t ship the item until the end of that delivery period, then the system will wait 7 days before automatically changing the status from “Shipping” to “Completed”, giving a little extra time for the item to arrive.

If the order doesn’t show up in a few days and the Buyer hasn’t heard from the Seller yet, then the Buyer can contact us and we will place a hold on the order by marking it “Delayed/InQuery”. This protects the Buyer’s refund (especially if the order is close to 2 weeks old) and gives the Seller time to update all parties on the status of the order.

Benefits For Buyers: This should help you better understand what is happening with your order. It also makes the refund process easier as we can guarantee a refund if the order is either in the “Processing” or “Shipping” status. If you contact us about a “Completed” order, we will still of course try to help, but can’t guarantee we’ll be able to refund it.

Benefits For Sellers: This will help you better communicate what stage you are at with the order. Also, once the order is “Completed” you can request a withdrawal of that money and we will aim to process that withdrawal request within 24hrs, so no more requesting money and then having to wait.

This process has now been implemented, but if you have questions or problems, please use our Contact Us page to reach us directly.