Coming Soon: Memberships Fees for Shop Owners

So, if you’ve been with Snoozled for a while, you know we’ve had our ups and downs. After our last payment provider dropped us, and without any income from the site, the owners, myself included, kinda got distracted with other things and haven’t spent much time on this.

But we want to fix that and put a little more effort into this. However, to do so we’ll have to charge a small fee to sellers. Buyers will still be able to search, view items and communicate with sellers for free, but if you’d like to have a shop, you’ll have to pay a small monthly fee.

We hope this won’t impact our sellers too much, especially considering some of you are making hundreds and even thousands a month. We also think this will allow us to close down all the shops that are not active or have engaged sellers, so a plus for all the buyers.

This is just a quick heads up, we’re still testing, but hope to implement this in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for more information soon.