5 top tips for selling your used underwear on Snoozled

You’ve just sold some used underwear on Snoozled – congrats! But when you send it how do you make sure it arrives smelling and feeling worn? At Snoozled, we have a lot of experience in this area. Here are a few hints and tips to help maximize the experience for the horny men buying your used gear…

1. Sleep in your underwear

Gay Boy Twinks Sleeping Naked Underwear Snoozled

It might sound obvious, but you sweat a lot at night while under the covers – especially if you’re horny and playing with yourself. So sleeping in your used undies can really make them smell much stronger. Do it for a couple of nights and you’ll drive your Snoozled admirer wild for more!


2. Leave the cum stain alone

Snoozled Cum Stain

The guy buying your underwear will probably want you to cum on them – several times. Who can blame him? It’s hot. So after you’ve jerked off try not to smudge the stain, just leave it alone. It will take a little longer to dry but the results are much better than if you try and spread it around.



3. Work out in your underwear

Snoozled Men Working Out Used Underwear

This is a quick way to make your used underwear instantly smell ripe and sweaty. The sweat from working out will rub off from your ass and cock onto the underwear, leaving a warm, sweaty, musky residue behind. The harder the work out, and the tighter the boxer briefs, the better.



4. Use a plastic zip bag

Snoozled Zip Bag Used Underwear Men

Before you’re about to ship the item, get your dick hard and give it one last tug so you cum all over the material. Try edging a bit first, so you build up as much spunk as possible. Then, put the item in a plastic zip bag and seal it shut. The airtight bag will help preserve the new cum stain and keep it wet and fresh for the buyer, which we guarantee you he’ll love.


5. Use your underwear as a cum rag

Snoozled Cum Rag Worn Used Men's Underwear

Whether it’s worn socks or used underwear, keep it beside your bed and each night after you jerk off just wipe your cock all over the item – the same goes for any pre-cum you might have too. The close proximity of the item will remind you to use it, and the loads will soon build up into a hot white mess. Yum!


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