3 benefits of using the ‘digital item type’ on Snoozled

What’s new? You ask. Well we’ve been busy adding a new feature to the site. It allows users to select ‘digital’ as the ‘item type’ if they’re selling x-rated photos and videos (e.g. jerking off, stroking your cock, cumming on used underwear, playing with your ass, peeing in the bathroom). Here’s why you should use it…

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

1. It saves you time.

When a user buys one of your x-rated photos or dirty videos, it won’t run out of stock. We’ve taken that field away for digital items. So sit back and watch as multiple users start buying and downloading your very own amateur porn.

Go to your account and add a digital item now.

2. It makes completing orders quicker.

So you’ve made a hot video or taken some nude photos, now you can upload the raw, original, high-res files at the same time you add the item to your shop. They’ll instantly become available to download once the buyer has made a purchase. (You’ll need to create a zip folder for multiple files).

3. It saves you data and storage.

Once you’ve added the item to your Snoozled shop and uploaded the file, you’re done. You can delete the original photos and videos from your phone, tablet or computer. Saving you precious data and storage on your device to make more!

We’re constantly working hard to improve Snoozled, and make it easier for you to buy and sell used underwear, meet other like-minded men and enjoy each other’s fetishes. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments we’d love to know. Get in touch!

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