10 Hot Gay, Straight and Bisexual Men Selling Their Used & Dirty Underwear on Snoozled

We have tons of hot gay, bisexual and straight men on Snoozled, selling their used and dirty underwear, socks, sneakers, condoms, piss and sex toys every single day. It would be impossible to pick our 10 hottest men, but here are some of our favorites who have sold quite a few worn and “personalized” items. Take a look below, visit their shop and we guarantee you’ll want to buy something…


Black Shorts, $50

Rugby/football shorts and gym workout, well worn and loved wearing to play and train.

Miggy The Builder

Black Boxer Briefs, $15

Another sweaty item! It’s been pretty hot out here hitting above 100 F degrees.

Jake’s Junk

Sweaty Well-Worn Black Athletic Socks, $5

Just your run of the mill, sweaty teen boy socks! I wear each pair to the gym for at least 3 days in a row to make sure they really smell! message me with any questions or requests. I usually repond within 24 hours or less.

Liam and Dante Cartel

Black H&M undies, $25

Dante wears these black shorts when he goes running. He might even have a pair of socks to throw in.

College Guy Goods

A&F Boxer Briefs, $35

These black cotton boxer briefs from Abercrombie & Fitch are sooo soft. The y front makes for easy access to that important area. These undies are sure to please any man.

Daviddrakes Dirty Cum Shop

Dirty Sweaty Black Socks, $7


Condom (full of cum)

My cum, in a condom, sealed from falling out, then freshly packaged and shipped to you. It’s quite yummy, so says the people that have swallowed it and asked for seconds and thirds, which I’ve obliged.

OC Guys_21’s Sweat Shop

My fresh hot steaming ripe piss in a bottle, $10

This fucking bottle is so hot and foamy with all of my pungent piss thats been passing through my cock ring! so fucking hot, tastes and smells great!


Black Boxers, $25

Black boxers,Used, sweaty, few cum stains.  Definately had their use. Can train in them right before I put them in the post to you.

The Hairy Sweaty Alphas

Sweaty rank underwear, $30

These pair Calvin Klien boxer-briefs have been worn for 3 days and are still currently being worn. If you’d like them to be piss/cum drenched before sealing and shipment please notify us. We grant most requests.

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