Tom of Finland 1 month worn BO Pit stained Rank T-shirt Super Stained Heavy Pit Stink & Stains!

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1 month worn daily day and night super rank and stained Tom of Finland t-shirt. Super stained from so much sweat and heavy BO and pit stink. 

All of it soaked in my sweat. I wiped my brow and face with bottom, neck is filthy and still damp with my sweat. For Pit stink lovers, heavily stained. Lucky fucker who gets this very smelly tee. Rank guys!

Size: Medium 40-42, but stretched from never washing. Once white

*Shipped in zip lock baggie to contain and conceal stink and in 3-Day Priority USPS envelope or small box. Discreet and safe

* I am Covid-19 free and healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at risk, so shop freely and with confidence.

Every order get a FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker made exclusively for you as a thank you for your oder!