Adams Soccer 1 Month Worn Soft Pouch Sports Cup Soaked in Cum!! Super Smelly Fuc*r

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Adams Vintage Sports cup with permanent soft cup inside. It has soaked a month worth of my soccer game stink. I mean STINK! No joke. like a hockey bag smelling, plus I shot a few loads, so it mixed with my sweaty cock, balls and groin, giving it an amazing man stink galore guys, fuck! Who is the lucky fucker to own this fantastic cup? The groin is extra heavy in stink from me running on the filed and soaking all the dripping crotch sweat and it is soaked though heavily. 

Size: Large 34″ -36″ waist 3″ elastic waistband. Polyester pouch retains more smell. Soft cup inside cannot remove

*Shipped in Original Adams zip lock baggie to contain and conceal stink and in 3-Day Priority USPS envelope or small box. Discreet and safe

* I am Covid-19 free and healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at risk, so shop freely and with confidence.

Every order get a FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker made exclusively for you as a thank you for your oder!