New Free Adult Site Snoozled Allows Fetish Fans To Buy And Sell Personalized Erotic Items | Snoozled

Fetish fans from around the world are signing up to, a new free adult site aimed at men, where they can buy and sell new, used and personalized erotic items. Users can find anything for sale from worn underwear and socks, to sex toys, clothes, bed sheets, photos and videos, or they can request “wanted items”.

Snoozled is a response to the rise in ‘bespoke porn’, where studios and performers create customized content for individual consumers, which has been tipped as a new growth industry*. Users can create a profile, open a shop, message each other and list either physical items or digital downloads.

For those with a particular fetish, Snoozled offers a variety of benefits:

  • Anonymity – sellers do not need to share personal details with buyers
  • Refunds – buyers can request their money back if items don’t arrive
  • Security – transactions are safely and securely managed through PayPal
  • Promotion – sellers are regularly featured in blog and social media posts
  • Variety – users can browse through a range of item and shop categories
  • International – users can connect with others from around the world

“Snoozled provides a fun and safe way for open and likeminded people to explore and embrace their fetishes. It’s become a popular site for people with a specific fetish looking for personalized items and customized sexual experiences from the men they admire.” Snoozled Founder.

If you’re looking to make some quick and easy money from home, or have a fantasy you’d like fulfilled, head over to

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Jon Ronson on Bespoke Porn, July 2017, The Guardian, UK

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