Well used childhood boxers

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Here’s the best opportunity to buy a pair of my VERY used boxers!!!

Having a clear out and thought I’d offer up a few pieces so that someone else can enjoy them! 😜

I’ve had these for years (if you can’t already tell) so they’ve been used and abused! My cock is slipping out of this pair… want a taste 😜 

This pair will be worn for a minimum of 3 days so that they can really capture my 18 year old man musk before being sealed and sent out to you. I’ll be working out, sleeping in them, possibly playing rugby and obviously jerking off whilst wearing them so you are sure to get a well used pair 😈 


You can purchase these solo and enjoy the scent of my sweaty sack or you can also request customisation with my fresh cum or piss before sending out. Just head on over to my shop and purchase an add on when you buy these or if you’d prefer to ensure that your items are wet and tasty then why not purchase a bottle of my cum fit with the perfect pour spout!!!


Please allow for time to fulfill your order and all items are sent in DISCREET packaging!!!