Vintage ‘Duke” Jockstrap, super smelly and heavily stained. Rank Guys!!

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Vintage ‘Duke’ Jockstrap. This one is super filthy, super stained and is super smelly. Not just did I wear for few weeks, but ai also used it to wipe down my rank smelly pit sweat at soccer. So it has a mix of cock, ball and pit stink, pungent and RANK!

All gear is worn for few days before shipping to soak up fresh stink and I shoot a load or two on garments, pack and ship!

Size: Medium BUT SMALL 30″-32″ waist, 100% polyester, elastic is tough and does not stretch easy

*Shipped in zip lock baggie to contain and conceal stink and in USPS 3-Day Priority envelope or small box. Discreet and safe.

I am Covid19 free and healthy. I would never put anyones health in danger. So Shop with confidence.

Every order gets a FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker as a gift for your purchase!