*REDUCED PRICE* 4 loads of college boy CUM fresh and creamy

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One 0.75 oz (22.2 mL) container (see pic) of my fresh college boy cum, straight from my musky hairy cock. Each vial contains around 4 loads. I’m horny all day so I need someone to take all these loads off my hands. Eat it, rub it on your body, your dick or hole, or any other use for it. Be creative! 😉


Made to order, and will be frozen before delivery. Please note that if you want this this item shipped in an insulated container or expedited shipping, I will have to add a larger shipping price to the order. Have any special requests or questions? Let me know! 


*For bulk orders, message me and let me know how many loads you’d like or simply order a quantity that amounts to that many (each vial = 4 loads)


*For a LARGER container, I also have in my shop a 3.7 oz container (24 loads) and a 7 oz container (45 loads). 


NOTE: Please allow up to 8 days of processing time before I ship this item out, as each vial takes some time to fill and multiple orders of vials by multiple customers within a short span of time creates a backlog of orders. Shipment should arrive 3-4 days thereafter. Thanks!


*ALL cum orders will be placed in a queue in the order I receive them. PLEASE PURCHASE ASAP if interested so that you can be placed in the queue, otherwise you will be placed in line behind others who have ordered other containers.