Unwashed Oily Hair And Drool Pillow Case

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I often come home from gym or soccer games and practice and don’t shower. Dripping in sweat I lay down and my pillow case soaks up all my sweaty oily hair juices and I drool a lot at night, combining and making for a great man stink item! I love sniffing my pillow case and sometimes I even shoot a load on it, why not? So who ever is into oily hair and drool, this is for you. I am Covid Free and healthy, so no need to worry about it, promise! I would not be selling it otherwise. Color steel gray, regular pillow fit. Unwashed for about a month now, so gooood!

*Shipped in zip lock baggie to conceal and retain smell and in USPS 3-Day Priority envelope. Discreet and safe.