Underwear Jocko Speedo

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Underwear Jocko Speedo

It’s saturated with my sweat and smells

I had them on since early morning Friday and had a very sweaty weekend !

Monday I’ll be doing some outside labor.

Tuesday morning they will be prime ripened and I can send them out.

Priority mail leaves post office at 5pm.  And it’s free


*** I’ll add a juicy cum loaded condom in with it.

These are sweet !!!

There’s already 2 loads in the pouch

Smell Me

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Without showering Friday  morning I put them on to start and that’s where they’ve stayed even sleeping.

Using them for underwear.

They are a large.

Also Friday morning I took them for a  3+ hour bike ride.

I wipe myself pretty good but with the seat grinding up in there I anointed them as seen in photo.

Monday they’ll be under my swim trunks wave riding in morning and doing outside labor in afternoon.

Legs apart, sweaty, un showered ass and hole pushing and grinding into the seat.

I bought these new about 8 years ago for a private beach I jet ski to.

Occasionally people go by on boats so nude doesn’t work like it did on a secluded beach I use to go on before it turned into a piping plover sanctuary  lol.

Nice silky feel yet masculine looking.

The pouch is thick, hot and feels damp most of the time because my sweat doesn’t have time to dry and adding my loads doesn’t help.

As of right now the pouch has a strong sweet heavy musky ball sack and leg crease sweet sweat smell.

Late yesterday afternoon I emptied the full contents my sack into the pouch.

Not a speedo type guy here but the less I can wear in secluded nature the better.

If your a visual person the light grey shows more man in them.

Please see pictures for best description.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.