Torture A Sub – You’re In Charge!

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I have access to some of the most masochistic and filthy slave boys.

Wouldn’t you just love to send me a list of ways to torment and torture them and be presented with images and videos of me conducting YOUR desires on these willing boys? All whilst they’re thanking you personally for inflicting pain on them.

Items of torment to choose from include: –

– E-Stim Kit, complete with cock straps, butt plug and bipolar pin wheel. You should hear their cries as they’re being electrocuted, it’s priceless.

– Ball crusher

– Steel ball weights

– Chastity device

– Humbler

– Plenty of restraints

– Large selection of ass toys, ranging from small buttplugs, through to huge 15″ toys. Perfect for absolutely destroying a guys hole.

– Pin wheels

– Nipple clamps

– Several gags

– Riding crop

Sessions can also include: –

– Fisting

– Forced rimming

– Piss

– Choking / strangulation

– Edging


DISCLAIMER: The subs faces will NOT be visible in the final deliverables. This product may take longer than average to deliver due to the logistics. All participants have given permission to undergo these practices.