Toe Nail clippings Dirt from kicks. FREE SHIPPING

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These are my toe nail clippings from maybe 2 months? I have been wearing a pair of indoor cleats with no socks and fuck me are those smelly. My toe nails got very dirty under with sweat and foot gunk, so I clipped them leaving that for you pig fuckers! They smell cuz my feet were rank. In small zip lock baggie. Free shipping on this one. It will be months before I have the this long, so buy quickly.


*Shipped in zip lock baggie to contain and conceal smell and in USPS 3-Day priority small envelope. Discreet and safe. 

* I am Covid19 Free and Healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at any risk. So shop with confidence. 

Every order gets a FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker, specially created for you as a thank you!