Taste My Cum (x3)

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Get THREE whole days of me (3 10ml vials). This is for those who want multiple quantities – a threesome at a discount. Taste my sweet cum, frozen and shipped Next-Day in a 10ml glass vial. There’s a very small amount of honey in the mix, which helps preserve my taste. I’ll cum several times in a day giving you my body’s nectar – these shots taste great and are super popular! This is U.S. only for freshness. I cum for guys in Indianapolis all the time, so get your fill of me 🙂

(PLEASE NOTE: the very small amount of honey is added to preserve my cum, as it may sit for a day or 2 in room temp, which changes its taste and properties. Honey acts as a natural preservative.)

What Customers Say:

“…I must say your cum is amazing.”

“Hey Josh, Your cum was delicious. Want to order 5 more…”

“Thank you again for your wonderful gifts of life… your semen was very sweet and fresh. I smelled it first while I masturbated, then took one of the vials and ate your load and quickly shot a huge one myself.”