Socks Construction

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*****  PLEASE NOTE   *****

Sorry to say I am NOT ABLE to fill orders between December 15 – January 15.

You can still place an order during this time but I can’t fill it until the end of January.

I will send them out in the order I received them

Thanks for understanding !



Im liking the money so I’m offering my work socks for those who enjoy sweaty outdoor grunt work feet worn blue collar work socks straight out of the boots and off my smelling feet for your pleasures.

Let me know how many work days you want my feet sweating into them and will also snap pictures and/or videos of them in use.

All work socks have been in use for over 5 years.

I store the worn socks inside the boots between using.


My Feet

Your Pleasures


Yea Man

Get My Bad Boys In Your Face