Small Teen Filthy Jockstrap worn by small Asian Man Ty

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Small Youth Bike Jockstrap. This was worn by an Asian man named Ty. About a month ago or so I saw him throw a jock in the trash, I snagged it and sold it. Last week I saw him wearing another Bike jock, this one super dirty. I followed him to stall and told him I’d buy it or trade it. He asked what smells I liked. I said jocks, feet and pits. He said are your feet smelly? Oh yeah I said and I have a pair of very rank socks in my locker. He said I’ll trade you the socks for this jock. He took it off handed it to me, walked to my locker and we traded. He is uncut and I could smell his cock just standing there. He is small guy 4’8″ 110 lbs maybe. Tiny waist. This super soaked filthy jockstrap is small 26″waist, maybe 28″ for a small guy but it stinks a lot! We are in touch as he loves rank gear as well. Who wants this guys Rank jock? So hot passing it on. I shot a few loads on it myself mixed with his stink. Too small for me to wear. 

*Shipped in zip lock baggie and in USPS 3-Day priority envelope or small box. Discreet and safe.

I am Covid19 Free and healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at risk. 

Every order gets a free ‘Man Stink’ sticker made exclusively for buyers as a thank you!