Shock Doctor 2 Guys Filthy Rank! Work Sports cup

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Shock Doctor 1 month Work Sportscup by 2 guys. Jon became a regular buyer at Snoozled. After a while he began to order custom items. He sent me two jockstraps he had worn and were smelly and stained. I added a cup and wore them together for 3 weeks. The stink mixed and got stronger and got very heavy and rank! Very smelly dudes. Who is the lucky fucker to end up with this sports cup used by two guys? 

Size Large 34″-36″ 2″ waistband nicely worn in

*Shipped in baggie to contain and conceal stink and in USPS 3-Day Priority envelope or box depending on the item shipping size. Discreet and safe.

I wear all items a few days before shipping to soak up fresh stink and shoot a few loads on jokes, briefs or whatever you specify in the notes on your order details. 

* I am Covid19 FREE and healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at risk, so shop freely with confidence and have fun you pigs! 

All orders get a free ‘Man Stink’ sticker exclusively created for you as a thank you for your order