*Request* Boxer Briefs from a Fat Pig

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Like fatties? Bit of a chubby chaser? (If not, it’s ok, you won’t hurt my feelings 😉 ) If so, continue reading.

5XL Navy Blue Boxer Briefs

Custom “worn” by a 6′ 5″, 525 lb Super Chub, to your request!

I am pretty much open to almost any request of customization. *Important – Message me to ensure your desires will be granted before you purchase. If I’m not messaged beforehand, I cannot guarantee I will agree to your requests. (Mainly because everyone has a limit, although I do not have many, I want to ensure you are satisfied before you purchase)

Serious buyers: Photo before purchase is by request. If you are actually into chubs and want a pic, just message me. I’d be more than happy to send one. 🙂

Other items coming soon!