Pee & Cum Combo

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Get a taste of me in a few ways – a yummy mix of both my cum and pee, frozen in a 10ml vial and shipped Next-Day anywhere in The States. This is an amazing tasting concoction of my juices. My pee is naturally sweet and I mix my yummy cumshots with a dab of honey – an addictive taste, and the small amount of honey acts as a natural preservative, allowing my treats to taste great for a few days or more at room temperature. I’ll cum several times in a day giving you my all. I cum for guys in Indianapolis all the time, so get your fill of me.

What Customers Say:

“…I must say your cum is amazing.”

“Hey Josh, Your cum was delicious. Want to order 5 more…”

“Thank you again for your wonderful gifts of life… your semen was very sweet and fresh.”

“Taking a sniff, the aroma was just perfect. I carefully took a taste of you. Better than any flavored water I have had. The aftertaste lingers and I like that it does. It is incredibly addictive. I savor every mouthful. The color is just as it should. I watched your peeing video to imagine this savory and satisfying liquid exiting your lovely cock. I truly believe you have a beverage sensation at your disposal. I will have a number of drinks the rest of the day so as not to lose its intoxicating taste.”