Pee & Cum Cocktail

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“…I must say your pee is amazing.”

“Hey Josh, Your cum was delicious. Want to order 5 more…”

One of my most popular drinks – Pee & Cum Cocktail. My pee is always light in taste with a sweet undertone and my cum is very mild. I always drink a ton of water and my diet is super natural and clean; I can pee anytime for a guy. You’ll get a 16oz fresh jar of my pee and I’ll get off at least 3 times for you, mix my juices together, freeze, then ship expedited to you for freshness. I’m std-free and COVID free, frequently tested. 

You can ALSO have these really tasty mixes of my Pee & Cum Cocktail made (just ask):
1. Honey (lightly infused)
2. Molasses (lightly infused)
3. Carbonated
4. Honey Carbonated (lightly infused)

Costs are figured on the hefty shipping charges, and includes shipping.

Shipping Notes:
I ship most items on Monday or Tuesday for freshness and delivery, so turnaround will depend on when the order is placed.

Additional shipping charges within the U.S. may need to be added for consumables.