one of my favs

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this is one of my favorite pairs. I love the spandex side of it.  Its like skin tight so when this is all I’m wearing everyone can easily see my bulge. 

I currently have 4 in stock 2 grays and 2 light blues. When I get a chance ill put a couple pics of the light blue pair. 

I believe I get a 2 pack for $12 so that’s $6 plus I believe the one size if it fits it ship is $5or $6, so that’s $10-$12,  so for price how about $15. this is my 1st pair I’m listing, and since this is my 1st listing if u have any suggestions or anything feel free to reach out to me.  and I’m not trying to get rich off of anyone, I just want u to have a great time, hopefully thinking about my cock, while u stroke & play with yours. now please let me know if any of this stuff is saying to much or to little, I just wanna make everyone happy and cum back again and again, not to get mad or disgusted and never return.