Nike Skin Venom Indoor Soccer Cleats Smells like Hockey Gear Bag!

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Nike Skin Venom Indoor Soccer Cleats. I have been wearing these for indoor soccer practice and one outdoor game recently where I got mud on them. I wore them without socks the entire 6 months and dudes, these smell like the inside of a Hockey gear bag. No joke there smell beyond. I walk and can literally smell the stink all the up my nose. Inside when worn they are slippery from so much foot gunk, sweat and stink. Super comfortable and a man stink paradise, trust me. I never sell my soccer cleats, but these have to be enjoyed by a heavy foot smell guy. Damn!

If you want me to scrape the mud off let me know. But they come with muddy soles, unless requested not to do so. 

All gear is worn for few days before shipping to soak up fresh stink 

Size: Men’s 9 US but slim.  Color Black and neon green

*Shipped in double baggie to contain and conceal stink and in USPS 3-Day Priority envelope or box. Discreet and safe. 

I am Covid19 free and healthy. I would never put anyones health in danger. So Shop with confidence. 

Every order gets a FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker as a gift for your purchase!