My 5 year used Rim Chair. FILTHY GOODNESS!

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This is my personal Rim Chair used over 5 years. Again I have never washed the seat. I have had over 30 guys sit on this after gym, workouts and unshowered for me to sniff and clean their sweaty ripe musky man holes clean. 

The seat is covered in cum, piss, spit, most men bodily fluids. It’s amazing and hope some lucky fucker buys it and keeps this pig chair with all of these men’s funk! I have added pictures of men that have sat on it. I will send images as an extra bonus to who ever buys it. 

Check out that super hairy black dude. he was by far the smelliest and most visited. He would come 2-3 days unshowerd and that hairy crotch got very ripe. He would leave and the seat would have a film of him on it and so on and so on. So fucking hot and pig like me. 


This chair is $65 dollars to ship and I will pack it well. Comes with x4 11″ legs that attach under set.