AUSTRALIAN ALPHA BRIEFS (5 DAYS) pre-cum, piss, perfect sweaty ass and a load

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Alpha Australian 28 years old. I have the luxury of working from home so unlike many of the listings on this site, you’re not getting a pair of 24 hr briefs, I’ve worn these for the entirety of a week. This is my first listing and I want to ensure I produce nothing but quality. I’m a good looking guy, I work out daily (it’s summer here) and I’m constantly horny and dominate. Whilst these briefs are have primarily been drenched in sweat daily, I also pre cum pretty hard. There is no other way to describe the masculinity you’ll experience with these briefs. They reek of my piss, pre cum and sweat. On the 5th day after getting back from a run I also blew a load directly in the front of them. I know talk is cheap but the amount of sexual partners that have commented on my scent and how fucking good I smell is what has lead me here, I’d really get off on knowing someone else would get to experience it. I promise, you’ll get what you paid for. Let me know if you have any questions – I actually enjoy talking about it.