Indefini Brand 3 week worn briefs, dirty and smelly! with skid marks

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This is the last of the Indifini Brand briefs. Worn 3 weeks it’s rank, soaked in cock, cum, ball, groin and ass stink. You can see the stains from my ass to cock pouch, smells so good and never washed. Worn at work outs and soccer practice.

100% cotton, soft and rank!                              Size medium 32-34 waist. 

* All gear purchased is worn 3-4 days before shipping to soak up fresh stink for you. The whole point, right? To sniffing man funk!

*shipped in zip lock baggie to contain and conceal stink and in USPS 3-Day Priority envelope or small box. Discreet and safe. 

*Covid 19 Free and healthy, so shop with confidence. I would never put anyone at any risk. 

Every order gets a free ‘Man Stink’ sticker, exclusively made for you as a thank you!