Fag quenching Alpha Piss

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You thirsty lil pigs are in for a treat.  My Strong Alpha Cock juice for your enjoyment pleasure.  Fags fucking love my piss and have lots of repeat customers. 

For you piss connoisseurs you will probably love my morning piss.  Strong, full of flavor perfect for fag morning coffee or evening enjoyment.   

For the regular guy, my mid day regular piss is perfect for you.  Ran through my body after workouts and strait out my Dick into your wanting mouth.  Or if you prefer to pour it over  you too me marked by my scent. To feel my piss run down your head n face down your pathetic body, coating your body in my powerful cock juice. 

Not to leave out those that have a love for beer, well beer Piss that is. 🍻 It’s the perfect drink for those that know that it’s better when beer is mandistilled first…  Fuck.. Get it while it’s hot. 😝