F & R – XL Football Lace Up Jockstrap 3 Weeks Worn! Really smelly and Ripe

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F & R Brand Football Lace Up Jockstrap. I have worn this for 3 weeks, really smelly soaked in cock, ball, groin, taint and ass musk stink. I had to shove the straps up my ass. This is an XL jockstrap and too big for me, so shoving the straps up my ass not just soaked up all that ass sweat, but made the entire jock smell amazing! 

Size: XL 34″- 38″ waist. Nice stretchy 3.25″ waistband. Very soft and comfortable jock too. 70% Cotton+15% Polyester+15% Rubber cup size

* Shipped in zip lock baggie to contain and conceal the smell and in USPS 3-Day Priority envelope or box. Discreet and safe

I am Covid19 FREE and healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at risk. So shop with confidence and ease. 


Every order gets FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker, specially created for your as a thank you for your purchase.