Duke RANK 3 month worn jockstrap by me and other guy

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Vintage Duke brand Jockstrap my buddy Brian and I shared aback and forth for 3 months. We both wore it and used it to wipe our rank sweaty pits on it and use as cum rag. So it has a particular STINK, really heavy of cum and BO mixed, making this jockstrap a super stench item! I mean it reeks fuckers! So who wants this? I may not have the chance to do this again for months and months. 

Size Medium 30-33″ Mostly polyester so holds stink and stains better. 

*Shipped in original Nasty Pig zip lock baggie to contain and conceal smell and in USPS 3-Day priority small box or envelope. Discreet and safe. 

* I am Covid19 Free and Healthy. I would never put anyone’s health at any risk. So shop with confidence. 

Every order gets a FREE ‘Man Stink’ sticker, specially created for you as a thank you!