Crusty Gray Socks

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To kick things off, I wore these babies three days in a row, did normal day to day activities and had a couple skate sessions. They got a little smelly from just that, but I wanted to make sure my first customer was going to be satisfied with their purchase. So in order to lock in my scent, I have worn these socks for the past 15+ skate sessions where I have skated multiple sweaty hours. These socks have seen no less than 6 years of normal use and they started the smellification process after a typical machine wash. Repeated unwashed wear has developed a level of crustiness that conveys a soft but gritty texture both inside and outside the sock. I have not stepped on bare ground while wearing these socks so there should be no foreign contaminates such as sand/rocks or sticks; the darker color on the underside of the sock is purely from use and exercise. The smell they carry is quite strong and distinctly mine, I hang them up to dry in my bathroom and with more use the smell is starting to creep out and into my room. You, of course, are welcome to do with them what you want. I recommend storing them in a plastic container to extend the life of the smell and if you are going to use them as a fuck sleeve just be aware of the crusty/soft texture. I will continue to wear these socks during future skate sessions until someone makes the purchase to ensure a quality, fresh smell.

I am in the US and am new to selling. Please dm me with any questions or requests. If you are in a different country, please contact me so we can work out shipping.