Container filled with 12 loads!!

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I have Venmo & PayPal.

Just finished squirting 12 loads of my strong, delicious loads in this container! 💦 There’s def enough for you to have a ton of fun with!!! Drink it, jerk with it, use as lube or all!!! 😈 If you’re into cum then you def want this condom!! Would love to hear the ways you use my fresh cum to get off!!! Turns me on so much! Froze the container after every loads to keep freshness.

*I’ve been tested and I am all neg & clean!!!! 

If you are interested contact me at or message me on here. I can customize items if you are looking for something special!! Price includes shipping in the US, if you are located out of the USA I will have to check for shipping costs!!

I have Venmo & PayPal.