Basketball Shorts – XXL [Coming Soon]

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Coming Soon!

ETA: August 15

“Abovewater” Basketball Shorts XXL – 100% Free Balling

Let me introduce you to my favorite thing to do in the summer: free-ball in basketball shorts.

This pair has seen it all…..

-Loads of pre-cum from when I sit around getting baked, playing with myself.

-Sometimes I don’t wanna get up for a cum rag, so I guarantee at least 7 loads in these. This is way more than my usual single load per item. Why? I dunno… I just really want you to enjoy these as much as I do.

-Plenty of action as a tent, haha.  Let me tell ya.. that teddy bear delivery guy comes to my door and my boner’s got nowhere to go but out! 

-Sometimes, when I get swamp ass, I’ll just scratch my asshole with my shorts.  So if you’re into sniffing ass– this could be a happy bonus for ya!

-At least 14 days worth of solid summer-time wear, fully free-balling.