Bulk Supplier Load of Men’s UK Medium “used’ Boxers

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Ladies & Gentlemen

A collect of Men’s UK Size Medium “well worn and used” Underwear or boxers. This is a bundle collection of 14 individual items. Ideal for an underwear supplier.

Please view our detailed pictures to make sure everything is to your liking before purchasing as due to the nature of our goods, we will not provide refunds. Thank you for your time. All underwear are comprised of elastaine, cotton, polyester and nylon, so please be aware of allergies as a polite heads-up notice.

If you would like to purchase the collection and you are outside the UK, please send us your country and/or county of residence so we can arrange accurate and discerningly discreet secure postage as soon as possible, to prevent confusion, awry payments and most of all, the customer does not like to wait.

1 pair blue and grey striped with yellow lines.
1 pair with burgundy red and grey borders.
1 pair of black generic underwear. Tiny hole at back where label was.
1 pair of white and heavily discoloured Slazenger boxers, with urine stains and hole near the label area.
1 pair of elastaine-shot (loosened) yelkoe and blue underwear, slight faint stains on crotch, white/yellowish stain per se’.
1 pair of very dark navy blue Slazenger boxers, small hole where label should be.
1 pair of medium (smaller than average) possibly shrunken Calvin Klein boxers with orange and blue band, black colour.
1 pair of light blue Slazenger boxers with faint urine stains on the crotch (small stain).
6 pairs of jet black Authentic Apparell made by Cedarwood State. All have faint tears where the label should be.

Thank you for looking. Questions welcome, personal pictures will not be provided, only merchandise itself.

Also, if the client wishes to make an offer, please send us your prices and if accepted, our price will change with communication.