Black Andrew Christian Briefs with Show It Bulge Enhancing Pouch

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Size medium black Andrew Christian Briefs with “show-it” pouch that really enhances your package and bulge. These are one of the most comfortable bulge enhancing pairs that I own, and I use them to work out in and wear throughout the week quite a bit. Really like how they make my package look and how they hug things into place without being restricting. Sad to see them go but my butt/legs have gotten a little too big from lifting, so hopefully they can find a good new home.

Happy to work out in them/wear before selling for an extra $5-$10 (depending on length of wear), or to leave a big load in them for $15. Can also consider filming myself in them and leaving the load for you for $25. Feel free to message me or e-mail me at with any questions/requests.