Bike Brand small Youth jock I found at gym

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Bike Brand very small youth jockstrap I sound at gym. I saw the guy, a very tiny, think Asian man, maybe 4’8″ tall. He took it off and threw it in the garage bin. I’m pretty sure knowing someone would snag it. So, I got it right away. It was still damp and slightly stained with his stink. I immediately put it in a small baggie where I had carrots. I had to save his smell. Who wants this dudes stink? I know he would love to know I’m selling it. What a find and so hot! 

Size small Youth- 26″ 28″ waist and for a tiny guy, or just to sniff and use as cum rag. 

*Shipped in zip lock baggie to contain and maintain smell and in 3-Day Priority USPS box or envelope. Discreet and safe! 

I am Covid19 Free, healthy, I would not put anyone at risk.