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I work out daily and have worn these for 6 days straight 💪🏻 Worn all day at work for 5 out of the 6 days and worn during exercise for 1.5 hrs for 6 days. The scent of my masculinity is in a whole other league, to give you some context I first started using dirty socks on my sub faggot boyfriend 8 years ago, we’ve been separated now for 6 years and to this day he is still cheating on his current partner to get back under my filthy alpha socks I still use him to this day – there is something about a faggot so desperate to get back under my filthy socks that I find so arousing. 

These fucking reek – guarantee if you’re craving the scent of a dominate masculine guy you’ll cum pretty hard when you masturbate using these. 

If you have any questions or custom requests, let me know. 

Look forward to hearing from you 😉