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Wash your body good; scrub all of your own scent off and get ready to sniff and dangle my briefs over your face, body, cock.

Show your Alpha buddy exactly how much you appreciate him and his musky scent.  He certainly appreciates your admiration.

When you’re clean and ready, put some headphones on and let me spend some buddy time with you.  This Alpha really likes the attention that you show him.

For the full experience, be sure to check out my 100% undiluted man sweat.  It’s designed to have my subtle stink sprayed over your body as you pleasure yourself.  Fell the wetness…sniff my briefs and pure sweat.

Now you have the ability to have your Alpha Scented buddy providing you with that manly scent and alpha energy that you’ve been craving.  And he’s there for you whenever you need buddy time with just you and him.