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Do you fantasize about that hairy bearded bull in your office and wonder what it would be like to have his man scented crotch in you face whenever you needed it?

Let this bearded alpha bull hold your head as he rubs your face in his briefs after work.  Smell the alphascented bush and the male aroma of athletic skin and a forest of tight and curlies.

Use these briefs under your nose for the same thrill.  My male musk will satisfy your cravings.

Hairy straight male here with hairy balls, crack, bush and cock.  I make precum throughout the day (what guy doesn’t) and you will get all of my alpha scent stuck in these briefs.

Special requests always entertained.  PM me your urges and we can discuss.

Check out my Sweat Spray too if you’ve got the need for the feel of wet male alpha scent sprayed on your skin.  Socks and T Shirts as well to round out your erotic private session.

Download a FREE audio sample of Alpha Andy meeting up with a Beta Buddy in the steamroom.  FULL 30 minute audio download is also available in the store.

The combo of the sweat spray, audio and this item are like having your alpha buddy’s man musky scent all over you and his voice in your ear.