2(X)IST Black Bikini Briefs Heavily Cum Crusted – Item# 142

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Underwear Condition:
One pair of my dirty 2(X)IST black bikini briefs that are full of crusty cum in the pouch.  These haven’t been washed for at least 6 months and have been worn/slept in 2 to 3 days each week, all day long.  They have been worn at the gym during a workout, doing yard work and other strenuous activities, as well as to work and just relaxing watching porn.  There is a faint, but very distinct, skid mark in the crotch area.  The crotch and rear areas smells of ass sweat.  The frontal bottom pouch area has captured plenty of ball and taint sweat.  The front top pouch has a mixture of precum, cum, and pee dribble stains.  I never shake after urinating, I just tuck my dick back in and zip up.  So there is some pee stains.  There are precum as well as cum stains.  My dick leaks and the precum has been absorbed when I’m relaxing, watching porn, and slowly rubbing myself throughout the day.  I never use tissues to clean up after I shoot a load.  I will just let the cum shoot on stomach and flow down my dick and onto my pubic area.  After I’m done, I just pull up my underwear and let them soak up the cum and dry naturally.


Price & Shipping/Handling Information:

This pair of underwear, item# 142, are for sale at $44.95

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service. The shipping and handling charges you pay include all of the following: 1) Expedited Express Processing® that will have your order shipping out either the same day or next business day. Same day shipping requires an order placed and funds confirmed received before 11:00 am EST (UTC/GMT -5 hours) and no additional add-on services attached to the order. 2) Clothing items will be vacuum packed in a specialized premium bag to maintain quality and freshness. International orders are subject to your country’s Custom’s inspection. 3) Your order will be packaged in a standard nondescript box obtained from the Post Office to protect your privacy. 4) Fast Priority Shipping via USPS resulting in your order being delivered in 1-3 business days within the United States. For international orders, shipping times will vary based on the destination. 5) You will be sent a USPS tracking number as soon as the label is created allowing you see real-time updates on your package. 6) Package insurance providing up to $50.00 protection.  Shipping for this item is the standard $8.95 flat rate for large padded envelope via USPS.  International customers please contact me and provide the following info: Item you’re interested in, country, city and postal code.  I will get back with you and let you know the shipping cost.


How to Order:

To place an order, send me an email at troy_rogers_1998@yahoo.com (if link doesn’t work it’s:  troy_rogers_1988@yahoo.com).  In the email, include the item number(s) you wish to purchase, any additional add-on’s (see options available below), your first & last name and shipping address.  As soon as I get your email, you will receive a return email with a Google Pay invoice.  Google Pay accepts all major credit/debit cards, Google Play gift cards, bank transfer, or your existing Google Play balance.  Upon confirmation of payment received, I will vacuum pack your item and print out a shipping label.  You will then get a final email from me with the tracking information for your item.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.


$8.95 Add-On Option – Wear Extra 24 Hours Straight:

Add this to your order and I will wear the item you purchased for 24 straight hours prior to shipping it out to you. In this 24 hour period, I will include one gym workout visit. I will not shower during this period and I will not take your item off, which includes sleeping in your item. You may add up to 7 straight days to any order (I can only go 1 week without a shower).

$9.95 Add-On Option – Cum Shot on Your Item:

Add this to your order and I will shoot a fresh cum shot on your item immediately prior to shipping it out. Because the item is vacuum packed, it should still be moist and gooey when you receive it.


About My Items For Sale:

I am a used gear lover myself, so I know what most people are looking for. I will NEVER sell anything that I wouldn’t buy myself. Most people will wear something a few days and call it “used”. While technically it is used, it’s not used the way we like it. Used to the point that the smell and visualization gets us instantly hard. Used so that when we smell it and feel it we cum harder and shoot an extra large load. If you love used gear like I do, then you will understand that. I make sure all my stuff will satisfy you in the most sexual way. I don’t artificially dirty my socks by walking around in them outside. My socks will be worn, dirty, and smell – naturally. I DO NOT wear a pair of socks for 3-4 days and call them used.  I’m a sock guy.  If I don’t love them, I won’t sell them to someone else.  I’ve found most sock guys are basically the same – we all like the same texture, smell, condition, etc.  You can’t walk around outside with socks on, get them dirty, and call them “dirty socks”.  They’re not.  Those are sock that have dirt on them.  Dirty socks get their color directly from foot sweat and the sweat and filth that has built up over months inside of a shoe.  My socks literally smell like my feet for months after a last wore them.  That’s because I wear them for weeks at a time. I wear 2 or 3 pairs at a time and every single pair will be drenched in sweat by the end of the day.  I repeat that process for weeks.  The odor needs to become part of the fibers and you just can’t get that by wearing a sock for a few days.  As you can see from the pics I sent, my white socks are gray.  I don’t fake dirty them up by wearing them outside or walking around in the basement.  I wear my socks to the gym, to work, to school, everyday activities (shopping, the bar, out to eat, etc.) and to bed – normal stuff.  You’re into socks, so I don’t need to tell you, you know real dirty socks are like wine.  There are $5 bottles and there are $500 bottles, a real connoisseur can tell the difference.  I ship the socks vacuum sealed.  Literally.  I bought the machine that will suck all the air out of the special bags then heat seal the bags.  Most people will use ziplock bags and just squeeze the air out.  I assure you, that doesn’t even come close to maintaining the quality that vacuum sealing does. My underwear is the exact same way. I will wear them for weeks at a time. I will shoot 2-3 cum loads into them everyday. You will be able to taste my cum in them. You will be able to smell my crotch and ass sweat! I take pride in everything I sell and I am honored to have many repeat customers. You can read some of the feedback I’ve received (posted with buyer permission) below.

Customer Feedback:

Dude thank you so much!! Just opened your package and I’m beyond happy, I love the dirty sweat stains on your socks they smell and taste amazing! The pits of your sweaty gym shirt had my eyes rolling back into my head, my whole room smells like your gym bag right now and it’s awesome! Your alpha scent is so strong and masculine, and you definitely go above and beyond putting hard work into your gear, I’ll definitely be a repeat customer! Best gear I’ve ever had the honor to sniff, five stars!

Customer Feedback:

OMG 5 Stars+ Thank you so much! The underwear was even better than what you advertised it as. It was well worth the money. I was debating between your underwear and someone else’s, I’m glad I chose you. I will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Customer Feedback:

Thanks for shipping it out so fast. I wasn’t expecting to get it so quickly. I’m extremely happy, thanks again.

Customer Feedback:

When you mentioned vacuum sealing it, I thought you meant a ziplock bag with the air taken out. But LITERALLY vacuum packed the socks and heat sealed the bag! That was awesome because the socks were still wet an sweaty when I opened them up. I can’t wait to get another pair from you.

Customer Feedback:

I did the digital download of the pictures of you in your jock and they were amazing. I was a little hesitant at first to pay for 40-50 pictures, but it was certainly worth it. I plan on ordering your other sets too. I wasn’t expecting the high quality and close-up shots. Can I request you do something specific next time?

Customer Feedback:

I was expecting one or two cum shots in the boxer briefs I got from you, but the entire crotch had so many stains it was unreal. I couldn’t believe how much cum must have been shot in there. The butt had a small dark stain and it smell wonderfully of ass. Everything was perfect. I will be buying more.

Customer Feedback:

NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!! I have ordered from others, but you are by far the absolute most best ever. Your stuff was WAY FAR superior than what I got from other people. You are so fucking hot and all I did was look at your pics and jerk offf while I smelled your nasty funky underwear. I love your smell!!!