2 month worn daily Rank BO Pit Stained filthy tee

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Okay this tee was once white, I have never washed it, worn daily for 2 months. Finally someone in my team said to wash my clothes and the B.O. in this tee is pungent. Heavily satined from sweat, a lot of sweat, manly, collar stained, pits heavily stained, dirty, dirty! Who wants my man stink? Such a hot tee, smells amazing specially if you are a pit, Body Odor lover. wow! I’m wearing now will not take off until the lucky fucker buys it. And I have not showered in 6 days so pits soaking up more stink.


Size: Medium 38-40, but stretched out from not washing

*Shipped in zip lock baggie to contain smell and in USPS Priority 3-day cardboard envelope.