Quick Guide: How to sell on Snoozled

So you’re looking to open your own shop on Snoozled, and make some money from selling used items. Here’s a quick 5-step guide to help you get started…

1. Register

This is the easy part, and it’s completely free. Create a username, password and enter your email address so you can receive notifications, like messages from other users and order confirmations. Fill in the captcha field (so we know you’re human) and hit register.

2. Create your profile

All you need to do is fill in a few details about yourself: country, gender, age, sexual orientation and ethnicity. Why? To give users buying from you an idea of who the item’s coming from, and to help calculate shipping costs. Don’t forget to hit ‘save changes’.

The URL for profile will be: snoozled.com/profile/[Username]

3. Open your shop

This is where things get interesting. On the ‘My Account’ page, click ‘My Shop’ in the left-hand sidebar. Here you can upload a shop photo, name your shop, assign a category, write a short description and outline any shop policies you might have.

Shop photo – click the blue upload icon on the left. Add this first, as when you upload an image it will cause the page to refresh and you will lose any unsaved changes. For the best experience, we recommend showing as much of yourself as possible, so you users know exactly who they’re buying from and what to expect.

Shop name – you can be as creative as you like, but we recommend keeping this short and descriptive. Be clear about what you’re selling, and include your username too e.g. [Username’s] Used Underwear, [Username’s] Kinky Toys Shop, that will help people find your shop.

Shop Description – as the name suggests, describe what you’ll be selling, what turns you on and whether you’re happy to take special requests. Feel free to include links to other websites (like Cam4 and Xtube) or social media channels (like Twitter and Instagram) to help users see more of you and your items in action. Also a great place include descriptive information about yourself, height, body type, underwear size, etc.

Shop policies – if you leave this blank it will automatically use our default policy when you click save. Or you can fill it with your own policies  such as where you will/won’t ship items, and what you are/aren’t willing to sell.

Once you’ve hit ‘save changes’, your shop will be listed here.

The URL for your shop will be: snoozled.com/shop/[Shop Name]

4. Set your shipping information

This bit is pretty simple, but it’s important to get it right. Click ‘Shipping’ under ‘My Shop’ in the left-hand sidebar. This will open up a new page where you can set different shipping costs (i.e. cost of posting an item) based on different zones (i.e. where the users buying from you are located), and the size of your items (i.e. whether they’re small, medium, large or free to post).

We’ve made it easy for you by creating a default zone called ‘Rest of the World’, which lets you set a standard flat rate shipping cost – so it doesn’t matter which country the user buying from you is in, the cost will be the same. Next, click on the pencil icon to edit this and set different costs depending on the size of the items you’re selling.

Free shipping – leave this as 0 and use for things like a live show, and anything else that you don’t need to ship, or if you just want to include shipping in the price of your items.

Large size item – this could mean large or heavy items such as dildos, sex toys, bottles of piss and other heavy gear, so you might want to set a slightly higher shipping cost.

Medium size item – this could mean items such as worn gym gear and clothes, which might be heavier than underwear, for example.

Small size item – this could mean items such as a single piece of underwear, sweaty socks and anything else relatively small, so you might want to set a low shipping cost.

‘Save changes’, and now get ready for the fun part!

5. Add your items

Click ‘Items’ under ‘My Shop’ in the left-hand sidebar. This will bring up a page showing you what’s currently for sale in your shop. For now it will be empty, so click ‘Add Item’ and get ready to let your imagination run wild…

Item image – on the left you’ll see a small blue button, which will allow you to upload a main image of the item. Again, we recommend doing this first as it will cause the page to refresh and you will lose any unsaved changes. Make sure the image clearly shows the item, and looks appealing 😉

Item name – keep this short and descriptive e.g. Used Men’s Undies, and if you want, add the brand, size and color for extra detail.

Additional images – give users a better view of the item! Show them how it looks on you from another angle, or before and after it’s been used. Have some fun with it.

Item price – let users know how much your item will cost for them to buy. You could base this on how much it originally cost you to purchase, and the effort you might need to go through to use and wear it.

Shipping class – set an appropriate shipping class. As the costs were entered when you setup shipping, all you need to choose is the size of the item as in small, medium or large. Or select free shipping if it’s a live show, for example.

Item stock – let users know how many of these particular items you have for sale. If your item gets bought and you run out of stock, it will say ‘out of stock’ on the page so users will not be able to order any more, until you increase the number or decide to remove the item.

Item description – tell users all about the item: what it looks like, where it’s been, how it feels, and why they’ll love it. Again, the more descriptive you can be the better. Get users turned on, and let them know exactly what they’re buying.

After you hit ‘save changes’ the item will be added to your shop and instantly become available for other Snoozled users to buy. It will also be listed among other users’s items for sale.

The URL for your item will be: snoozled.com/items/[Item Name]

Got a question? Check our FAQs or get in touch.