News and Updates

Hello all, This is a quick update to let everyone know what has happened recently and where we stand today. As you probably know, we had our PayPal accounts closed a few months back, and ever since we have been trying to find a way to bring back that ability to accept credit cards. We […]

BuyerTips: How to use Cash App Hey guys. Randy here, coming back to you with some financial advice. As I’m sure a lot of you know, recently PayPal dropped the hammer on us, which left us unable to process payments for a few days. Fortunately we’re back in the game now, and we’ll be expanding […]

Hello everyone! Randy here, the newest Snoozled staff member. I’ll be writing a series of weekly blogs on the site to hopefully help you figure out the kinks (pun intended) of our site and help you all have a more pleasant experience while browsing our unique selection of items. Over here at Snoozled we’re all […]

Hello Snoozlers, We have decided to improve the order process and hopefully make it easier and safer for both Buyers and Sellers. To accomplish this we have added in one more step that orders must pass through. This step is the new order status called “Shipping”. Once the Seller marks an order as shipped, it […]

Christmas has come early for Snoozled… We’ve been nominated for ‘Best Gay Adult Site‘ in the 18th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards! The category is for “gay adult sites launched during the last 12 months”, so we’re also up against some equally awesome newbies. What is Cybersocket? Cybersocket, the leader in LGBT online information offers a […]