Snoozled is now under new management!

UPDATE, 25th of April 2020: The site has found a new owner ! Thanks for all the love, support and offers to help. I’m working closely with the new owner and hope you will be able to see some improvements soon. Stay tuned for updates as we work to make improvements to the site.

Stay tuned for updates as we work to make improvements to the site.

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Hello Snoozlers, we just wanted to share a bit of information with you in regards to our site and the current worldwide pandemic. We’re assuming you have an idea of what’s going on, if not, you’re spending way too much time in isolation! But on the plus side you’ll be well prepared for more isolation after getting up to speed on what’s happening by checking out the W.H.O. site!

How does this effect Snoozled? Well we hope this can be an outlet where people can spend some of their time while in isolation and try to bring a little joy to someone else’s life. Remember, many of our sellers also offer pics, vids and live video chats.

A few more important points we’d like to share:

  • Please respect that buyers and sellers may be effected by this crisis in different ways, so please be a little patient with each other.
  • There have been questions about mailing items. According to the W.H.O., mail should be ok to receive as the virus doesn’t live very long outside of the body.
W.H.O. adivce
  • Even with the note from the W.H.O., international and even national mail systems are probably running with significant delays. So before shipping, especially if you’re shipping internationally, we would recommend checking the website for your post office to see what restrictions they might have in place.

This virus is effecting everyone, so let’s stay positive, patient and supportive. And of course, please check the W.H.O, CDC or your respective government’s sites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Purchasing with Cash App

BuyerTips: How to use Cash App

Hey guys. Randy here, coming back to you with some financial advice.

As I’m sure a lot of you know, recently PayPal dropped the hammer on us, which left us unable to process payments for a few days.

Fortunately we’re back in the game now, and we’ll be expanding our payment processing options to give our buyers and sellers around the world a larger amount of options to make payments and request withdrawals, starting with Cash App and Bitcoin. Today, we’re gonna focus on Cash App.

How to make payments on Cash App. Easy explanation:

What is Cash App?

If you have not yet set up a Cash App account, it’s easy, completely free and you can remain anonymous. Basically, it is a mobile payments app, which allows you to make instant payments to other users via a mobile phone number or a username called a cashtag, which is kinda like Twitter only with a ‘$’ instead of a ‘#’. For example, our cashtag is $gbce.

How does it work?

Cash App is available in the app store for both Android and iOS, for users in the US and the UK. At the moment, we’re only taking payments from users in the USA, but the UK is coming soon.

Download it, follow the instructions and link your preferred debit card to the app. If you want, you can use our referral code: LRNSCVQ to get a free $5 to start spending right away. Once you’re set up, you can get to buying.

How to make a purchase with Cash App, step by step.

  1. After you have selected your item(s) and filled out your shipping info, go to the payments tab and select “Cash App (US only)”.
  2. In the blank field, please type in YOUR cashtag. This is very important to us, as it helps us keep track of your order and facilitates things in case you need to request a refund for some reason. Double check before hitting “Place Order”.
  3. You will receive an email confirming your order details, including an ORDER ID #.
  4. Go to your Cash App to make the payment to $gbce (to confirm the cashtag is correct you’ll see the name on the account displayed as Luke M). In the memo tab, PLEASE INCLUDE THE ORDER ID #. Again, this is to make it easier for us to keep track of your order for processing and refund matters.
  5. Please keep in mind that all payments must be finalized in Cash App within an hour of purchase. Otherwise the purchase will be cancelled.
  6. Wait for our confirmation e-mail. Unlike PayPal, the Cash App system is not completely automatic. This means that once we receive your funds, we will notify the seller so he can start preparing your order, after which we will confirm to you via e-mail that the order is in process. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on the exact day and time you made your purchase. Don’t worry if you don’t get the confirmation right away, your transaction is completely protected.
  7. That’s all! Once you get the e-mail confirming purchase, all you gotta do is sit down and wait for your parcel to arrive.

That’s all, guys! Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to e-mail us at or DM us on Twitter at @SnoozledSite . We’re still working on adding more payment options to make your experience with Snoozled as safe and exciting as possible. Happy hunting!


Randy’s tips for sellers: How to really put your shop out there?

Hello everyone! Randy here, the newest Snoozled staff member. I’ll be writing a series of weekly blogs on the site to hopefully help you figure out the kinks (pun intended) of our site and help you all have a more pleasant experience while browsing our unique selection of items.

Over here at Snoozled we’re all about forming a safe community in every sense of the word: Not only is everyone welcome to buy and sell without any kind of membership fees or obnoxious advertising, but we also do our best to ensure financial security in every transaction that takes place through our site.

All of this, along with our complete, no judgements openness to all kinks and orientations, is probably why our little community is experiencing constant growth: Almost every day a new seller pops up, putting out all kinds of personalized items to satisfy just about every kink you can imagine.

Our sellers are as varied as their wares, not only in age, ethnicity and body type, but also in pricing, popularity and transaction frequency. We have some trusty regulars who have been with us for years, but we also have hot up and comers who seem to just appear out of nowhere and become popular immediately.

If you’ve been around for a while but your shop isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, you probably wonder, “What am I doing wrong?” Well. Nothing, because there’s no such thing over here at Snoozled. So kick that notion off your mind and instead wonder “What can I do better?”

Well, Randy is here with his first official blog to give you a couple tips in that regard:

Figure out your kink, learn to display it, learn from the pros

First thing’s first. Figure out exactly with what are you comfortable and how are you comfortable displaying it. We give our sellers the option to remain anonymous, but many are perfectly happy to put themselves out there in full to really show a prospective buyer just what are they getting and from whom, be it college twinks, englishlads, jocks with a dirty jockstrap, and every gay kink in between. You probably had a pretty good idea of what you wanted to put out there since you first stumbled into Snoozled (we’d love to hear how that happened, by the way!), but a big part of sales is the display.

Are you selling gym gear? Used socks? Then make sure to accompany it with some sweet, well-framed shots of you working out! A sweaty post-work out shot or two under the flattering lights of the gym, in front of those handy, full body mirrors is the best way to show your prospective buyers exactly what they’re getting.

Is it selling used underwear? Show us exactly how it fits you and what you do while wearing it. Some buyers are all about that stank, so a series of photos that show you’ve had those briefs/boxers on for a couple days will definitely help. Same goes when we talk about say, some gym shorts for the freeballing crowd.

What about cum and other fluids, such as a used condom, some piss or something which would require dedicated unboxing? In this case preservation is key, especially if you’re shipping far away. Accompanying your listing with some description, textual and/or graphic of how you go about keeping them goods fresh will help a buyer make sure he’s getting what he’s paying for, be it a cumrag, a filled condom, a jar of piss, or even in the case of one or two sellers I’ve seen out there, nail clippings!

On that subject, check our homepage and hit refresh a couple times to get an idea of what our most popular sellers are doing, and get your juices flowing!

After all, here at Snoozled we’re all about making stuff unique and personalised. So make sure your wares reflect that, and do your best to avoid looking generic.

Put yourself on them sosh meeds (and follow us @SnoozledSite !)

For all of us kinky folk out there, there’s a battle raging out in social media. All over the place we’re seeing a bunch of censorship wiping out anything from peppy upstarts to established personalities, anyone who dares to be lewd or kinky. Instagram and Tumblr are by far the greatest culprits in here, whilst Facebook is simply too public for folk who wish to remain anonymous.

But that doesn’t mean there are no options to promote your stuff. Twitter is always reliable as the only truly no holds barred platform left (and long it may continue). Not only can you catch an eye full of all kinds of kinky stuff, but through the use of certain hashtags, such as #usedunderwear , #gayunderwear , #jockstrap , #dirtyjockstrap , #gayunderwear and #underwearfetish , just to give some basic examples, you can quickly get in touch with people looking to buy and/or sell all kinds of personalized items.

Reddit is another trusty old ally. Try the subreddits r/underwear, r/usedboxers , r/usedcondoms , and r/usedcondom . They provide clear guidelines, allow for plenty of anonymity and ease of browsing, and let you get in touch with like-minded people. Put your shop out there and they will cum!

Repeat business

If you’re all about taking your shop to the next level, the first thing you need to remember is that any healthy business is all about repeat customers, and the best way to ensure that is making sure all your buyers feel like they got exactly what they paid for. Be descriptive in your listings, be open to answering inquiries and above all, make sure you’re shipping exactly what you advertise. That is to say, if you promised two days of stank on that jockstrap, man up and keep them balls squished for a full 48 hours!

Why Snoozled?

If you are taking in Randy’s wisdom as a member of our site, then you already know exactly why we are simply, pound for pound, the best choice out there to satisfy any and all gay kinks when it comes to used and personalized items.

But if you’re new to this, right about now you wonder, why should I make or keep a shop in this site instead of going at it on my own? Well, Randy has one word for you: Security.

Here at Snoozled we don’t really believe in charging membership fees or listing fees or anything of the sort, like many other sites do. Which means that first of all you can browse to your heart’s content and contact sellers to have your questions answered without paying a penny.

Our business model is stated simply in our landing page: We only make money when you make money. And unlike other sites, which are happy to just rake in the cash to put two people in touch and wash their hands off the whole thing, we actually like doing something for our cut. That is why every step of every transaction is secured by Snoozled:

*All payments are handled via PayPal.
*Our system allows us to confirm with the seller when the item(s) is shipped.
*We offer full refunds to buyers if their item(s) doesn’t arrive within a specified period.

Bottom line, under regular circumstances, buying a used item off a hot stranger online can be an exciting but also risky endeavour, and Snoozled is here to make it all about the excitement.

So that’s all from Randy today!

I’ll be back with more next week, to tell you all about shipping best practices. In the meantime, feel free to hit me up with any comments or questions you have at . Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

UPDATE: New Order Process

Hello Snoozlers,

We have decided to improve the order process and hopefully make it easier and safer for both Buyers and Sellers. To accomplish this we have added in one more step that orders must pass through. This step is the new order status called “Shipping”.

Once the Seller marks an order as shipped, it will show up in the order list with the order status of “Shipping”. The buyer will receive an email notifying them that the order has been shipped, but the Seller won’t have received the money yet. At this point we wait, and hopefully the order will arrive to the Buyer in a few days.

If all goes well and the Buyer receives the item within the 14-day delivery period, the order will automatically change from “Shipping” to “Completed”, which will deposit the money into the Seller’s account balance. If for some reason the Seller doesn’t ship the item until the end of that delivery period, then the system will wait 7 days before automatically changing the status from “Shipping” to “Completed”, giving a little extra time for the item to arrive.

If the order doesn’t show up in a few days and the Buyer hasn’t heard from the Seller yet, then the Buyer can contact us and we will place a hold on the order by marking it “Delayed/InQuery”. This protects the Buyer’s refund (especially if the order is close to 2 weeks old) and gives the Seller time to update all parties on the status of the order.

Benefits For Buyers: This should help you better understand what is happening with your order. It also makes the refund process easier as we can guarantee a refund if the order is either in the “Processing” or “Shipping” status. If you contact us about a “Completed” order, we will still of course try to help, but can’t guarantee we’ll be able to refund it.

Benefits For Sellers: This will help you better communicate what stage you are at with the order. Also, once the order is “Completed” you can request a withdrawal of that money and we will aim to process that withdrawal request within 24hrs, so no more requesting money and then having to wait.

This process has now been implemented, but if you have questions or problems, please use our Contact Us page to reach us directly.


Vote: Snoozled Nominated for Best New Gay Adult Site in Cybersocket Web Awards!

Christmas has come early for Snoozled…

We’ve been nominated for ‘Best Gay Adult Site‘ in the 18th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards! The category is for “gay adult sites launched during the last 12 months”, so we’re also up against some equally awesome newbies.

What is Cybersocket?

Cybersocket, the leader in LGBT online information offers a gay social network as well as the most current and update gay porn reviews.

What are the Cybersocket Web Awards?

Cybersocket Web Awards are internationally recognized awards for LGBT websites associated with the adult entertainment industry. Awards include the most notable adult entertainment personality, porn star and gay adult film. Winners are chosen using online voting by members of the public.

If you’d like to help us cum first by voting, we promise to make Snoozled an even hotter, dirtier and kinkier place to play. So take a couple of minutes and vote here!

We salute you.

Snoozled Cybersocket Web Awards Best Gay Adult Site Vote


UPDATE: We’re More Secure, Send Message Attachments and Add Social Links To Your Profile

Hey Snoozlers,

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes to the site, which should help improve things. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve done:

1. We’ve made the site more secure

We’ve switched from http:// to https:// in the URL, which means that our connection is now encrypted, so your profile and messages are more private, and your purchases are extra secure.

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

2. Attach pics and vids to your messages

For guys who might want to show an item being made, or discreetly share their face with another user, you can now add multiple photos or videos to a message. Give it a try!

You can also respond to a message via email and include attachments in that email.

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

3. Add social media links to your profile

If you’ve got a social media account that you always use, you can now add it to your profile. Log in, head over to your account, click ‘My Profile’ and then after the page loads ‘Links’ should appear underneath it. On this page you can put in your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They’ll then appear on your profile and shop page as a little icon so your admirers can follow you.

Snoozled Used Men's UnderwearSnoozled Used Men's Underwear








Snoozled Used Men's Underwear

Look out for @SnoozledSite on Twitter and Instagram, where we’re sharing photos and links to some of our hottest users and best shops! Don’t forget to tag us and use the #Snoozled hashtag in your post so we can find it, like it and reply :p

Jay and Luke,
Snoozled Admins