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Snoozlers, The marketplace will be going through some new and exciting changes in the coming days and weeks! The most important change will be our ability to process credit cards. We are bringing back the ability for users to buy and sell directly and securely through Snoozled rather than privately between each party. Our merchant […]

Snoozled is now under new management! As we work on improvements to make the site to make it even better, you may notice some changes with the way items are listed. Please be patient with us as we try to get through this process quickly and smoothly. As we work on improvements to make the […]

UPDATE, 25th of April 2020: The site has found a new owner ! Thanks for all the love, support and offers to help. I’m working closely with the new owner and hope you will be able to see some improvements soon. Stay tuned for updates as we work to make improvements to the site. Stay […]

Hello Snoozlers, we just wanted to share a bit of information with you in regards to our site and the current worldwide pandemic. We’re assuming you have an idea of what’s going on, if not, you’re spending way too much time in isolation! But on the plus side you’ll be well prepared for more isolation […]

BuyerTips: How to use Cash App Hey guys. Randy here, coming back to you with some financial advice. As I’m sure a lot of you know, recently PayPal dropped the hammer on us, which left us unable to process payments for a few days. Fortunately we’re back in the game now, and we’ll be expanding […]

Hello everyone! Randy here, the newest Snoozled staff member. I’ll be writing a series of weekly blogs on the site to hopefully help you figure out the kinks (pun intended) of our site and help you all have a more pleasant experience while browsing our unique selection of items. Over here at Snoozled we’re all […]

Hello Snoozlers, We have decided to improve the order process and hopefully make it easier and safer for both Buyers and Sellers. To accomplish this we have added in one more step that orders must pass through. This step is the new order status called “Shipping”. Once the Seller marks an order as shipped, it […]

Snoozled Used Mens Underwear

(updated 14th, May, 2019) Hey Snoozlers, We cum across awesome shops on Snoozled every day, but there’s always room for improvement! So we’ve pulled together seven simple tips to help you quickly improve your shop and get more horny guys buying and enjoying your gear… 1. Shop Name This is the first thing buyers will see and remember, so make […]

Snoozled Used Men's Underwear Undies Socks Briefs Boxers Sneakers

You can buy and/or sell used men’s underwear, condoms and socks on www.SNOOZLED.com We’ve seen this question come up a lot, so we wanted to answer it here in our Snoozled blog, and give you a more detailed answer. There are many sites out there to buy and sell women’s used panties and clothes, like […]

Hello. My name is Jay, I’ve been selling used underwear since the site first launched just over a year ago. Since then I’ve made over $1,000 in sales. I often get other sellers ask me if I have any advice or tips for selling, so that’s why I decided to write this blog post and […]