5 Hottest Used Items For Sale on Snoozled Right Now!

We’ve handpicked five of the hottest used item categories on Snoozled.  You can find used condoms, used underwear, used socks, used sneakers and used sex toys from gay and straight men from all over the world. To see everything that’s for sale, head over to our items page


Used Filled Condom Snoozled

One of the most popular items on Snoozled, order a used and filled condom and enjoy playing, swallowing and ingesting another guy’s cum and man juice. Wether you shove it up your ass or down your thought, or use it as lube on your own cock, we’re sure it’ll taste good.

View all used condoms: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/condoms/




Used Men's Underwear for Sale on Snoozled

We have tons of used men’s underwear for sale on Snoozled. You can find almost every type and brand, from jockstraps to g-strings, boxer briefs, thongs and mesh undies. Almost all our sellers take requests, so you can have them personalized with piss, cum, pre-cum, spit and anything else that you like. They’ll even wear them for as long as you like, so they’re super musty and smelly.

View all used undies: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/undies/



Used Men's Socks For Sale on Snoozled

There are loads of guys into feet and socks (sox), so if you have that fetish then you’ll love what some of our guys are selling on Snoozled. Used ankle socks, gym socks, footy socks, work socks. Some guys will cum in them too. We know nothing’s better than the smell of a man’s sweaty, musky, cheesy feet and socks, so make sure you message the seller to ask them to wear them for extra long and work out in them!

View all used socks: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/socks/



Used Sneakers Shoes For Sale on Snoozled

Like with socks, sniffing a guy’s sneakers (or better yet, being forced to inhale the smell of his shoes) is one of the best feelings, and instantly gets your dick hard. Take a look at some of the used sneakers for sale on Snoozled, which come in all shapes, sizes and states. Enjoy smelling or wearing the same sneakers as another hot guy, and jerking off to the scent of his superior man feet.

View all used sneakers: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/sneakers/




Used Sex Toys Dildo Butt Plugs for Sale on Snoozled

Stick some of these used sex toys up your man cunt! You’ll find used dildos, used butt plugs, used fleshlights and more, which have also been inside another guy’s ass. Order them recently used and dirty for the best experience, and enjoy getting off knowing that you’re sharing the same toy as another twink or bear.

View all used sex toys: https://www.snoozled.com/item-category/toys/


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