Update: You may have noticed that we have been down for some time. We hope to have fixed our issues and are back live again. If you feel something is incorrect or missing, please contact us directly at admin@snoozled.com so we can look into it.  Happy shopping!


What is Snoozled?

Snoozled is a free site where men from all over the world can buy and sell new, used and personalized items.

You can find anything for sale, from used underwear to sweaty socks, worn sneakers, filled condoms, sex toys, x-rated photos, videos and more!

  • It’s 100% free to use Snoozled, we only make money when you do
  • It’s safe and secure, all transactions are done through PayPal
  • Buyers can come to us for a refund, if items don’t turn up
  • Sellers can choose to remain anonymous
  • We’re constantly improving and promoting the site

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